Ecto clone haunts Burnout Paradise today

This has been a long time coming – first blood goes to Adam from Rochester and ProtonPack666, who heard about the special car back at the beginning of November! But back then, we could only see pics of the Back To The Future Delorean clone – so while “Manhattan Spirit” was likely a good bet to be an Ecto-1 clone, I wanted to wait until we could see it. And now we can.

Thanks to Kevin for the video link and for some high rez pics of the car, check out this link sent in by RPG. Each car has a special feature – the Delorean can switch between road-mode and hover mode. So we can start taking bets about what the Spirit does, I guess.

The game is out now, and the special cars are available as part of a downloadable content package, which was released today (check your console marketplace for more information.) Burnout has been a fun series, and for anyone wishing the Ghostbusters video game had more driving than it sounds like is intended, this might help curb your urge to run some red lights.

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