GhostSpy = elaborate viral hoax

Since you guys won’t stop sending me links on this (and posting them in the comments in unrelated posts – have you noticed I take those down? So, maybe, you know – email me next time), let me address it directly. This is not something I’m inclined to post about just for the heck of it – this is something that makes me want to dig and dig and dig.

For those not in the know (and I’m sure, thanks to crap news outlets everywhere, you’ll hear about it soon), someone calling himself GhostSpy is posting what he claims is behind the scenes video and pics from the filming of Ghostbusters 3. And I’m here to tell you that I don’t believe anything until I hear something official, or I’ve uncovered enough details that I’m comfortable commenting. In this case, I’m comfortable commenting that we’re being played.

1) There is no listing for Ghostbusters 3 being filmed in New York. Horizon’s could be a cover title, but it could be a cover title for anything, including other sci-fi blockbusters filming in New York.

2) The end of the clip where the spy “is uncovered” smacks of staged. Since it doesn’t reveal anything, why would that shot even be left in? It’s great for selling the idea that the spy is taking a risk, and awful at selling what he’s risking it for.

3) How can he NOT be found out? Particularly given the above mentioned near-miss, how exactly is he going to keep his job the minute (which started at dinner time last night) word of his site gets out? Any production that finds it has a spy on set will hunt them down, and when a member of the crew can go “Hey, I remember that bit, when I was asking that guy what he was doing and he said nothing – it’s Bob, the junior PA over there.” And thus ends someone’s career in film – over Ghostbusters 3.

4) Really? Third movie and we get another giant monster crushing another car? Sounds like a great third film. I’m glad the franchise has moved forward.

5) The equipment of Ghostbusters is iconic – it’s such a specific look that it’s been highly detailed in the upcoming video game. Whatever those packs are, it’s pretty Men In Black looking to me, rather than ghost-busting.

6) YES! I knew I was forgetting one – Where did the screenshots of the effects come from? That’s not spying on the set, that’s breaking into the effects house. Or, asking the effects team from some screens, as this is a viral campaign. It’s just too much to be real.

Thanks Spooky, who pointed out that it’s really weird that someone has a laptop on set running nearly finished FX footage.

So, I’m sure more details and pics will roll in, but I’m not buying in until I see more. I’m assuming it’s a viral campaign for something else, and the only reason I mention it here, is the creators have hit the nail on the head – yell Ghostbusters 3, and everyone will pay attention. And the speculation will run wild. And they get what they want, attention. But if they’re going to be the boys crying Ghostbusters, then we’re just going to have to keep asking, “Really? Where?”

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