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Please be gentle – we barely survived the Great Ron Jeremy Digg of 2005.

Please have a look around – there’s lots of good stuff in the archives, but if I had to pick the key pieces of Ghostbusters information right now, they would be the following;

1 – Ghostbusters: The Video Game is set to be released by Atari on June 16th in North America (possibly a couple of days later in Europe) on every system but the PSP… and they’ve never ruled it out entirely. Which is great news all round, as it’s been a long time coming. Watch the trailer.

2 – At the exact same time, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 will be released on Blu-Ray. No question, this will be the highest level of detail for the film, short of watching it in a theater. There will be a kick-ass collector’s set.

3 – Time-Life put every episode of The Real Ghostbusters out on DVD. All of them. And extras. And it’s inexpensive, all things considered.

4 – They’re not, currently, making Ghostbusters 3 (though two of Harold “Egon” Ramis’ favorite scriptwriters are apparently working on a script – no word if it retains anything of Ramis and Dan Aykroyd’s original GB3 script.) Nobody gets excited about a third movie until someone yells, “roll film!” It protects us from broken hearts.

[update] Oh, and if you dig Saturday morning cartoons, you should check out Cereal Geek. Their RGB love aside, it’s a great magazine. Oh, and props to Geek Monthly for recognizing me as one of them. Now, if I can only get them to make me their god.

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