Atari/Terminal Reality posts game dev diary for GB game. has posted the first of what we can only hope will be a selection of developer diaries for the Ghostbusters video game. Check it out. The best part is the comparative screenshots of what the game looked like at the start of development and what it looks like now.

[UPDATE] It looks like WorthPlaying took the dev diary from a special IGN blog that Atari created to promote the Ghostbusters game – the diary is NOT exclusive to them. Bad form there.

And again, I invite everyone who posted “isn’t that the IGN blog” into the comments (or even thought it to themselves) to, you know, maybe EMAIL ME ABOUT IT next time. I got a day job that is literally all day long – I can only do so much digging some days. Thanks. You don’t have to get fancy – email a link and your name – I can take it from there.

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