Ghostbusters: The Other Side released for iPhone

For those of you with and iPhone, a dollar, and an interest in reading the IDW Ghostbusters mini-series without having to go to a comic shop, you might consider buying the series from Apple. I would have thought the iPhones pinch-and-flick zoom feature would have made it ideal to present whole pages of the issue for viewing, but it appears that each page is broken down into panels. I’m curious to see how that pans out.

It’s hard to say if it’s official or not, as the app listing doesn’t mention IDW, but it does feature Columbia’s copyright info. It’s difficult to imagine that Apple would allow an illicit product go out through their store, as all apps have to be certified. For the time being, I’ll assume this is legit.

To buy the app, click here and if you have iTunes, it will automatically launch to the app page in the Apple App Store. Thanks to Borzou for spotting the app!

[UPDATE] So, a little checking and the app is legit – and it’s not a bad way to read the book, though you do a lot of fast flipping (doesn’t take long to look at a panel, unless you want to pour over the art detail, and this isn’t quite the format for that.) No word yet on when the other three issues will be out, but stay tuned.

IGN posts first look at GB DS screens

DS IGN has posted the first screenshots from the DS version of the Ghostbusters video game. While functionally a much different game, wherein you manage your Ghostbusters team, style-wise it looks a lot like the Wii/PS2 versions, at least in terms of characters. This means we’re getting our first, clear, but small, look at Egon, Peter, and Winston.

Not the cleanest interface I’ve ever seen, but I’m keen to see it in action, particularly the driving (which we can see in one of the screenshots.)

Playstation Universe interviews Terminal Reality

PSU recently sat down with Terminal Reality and Ghostbusters: The Video Game producer, Brendan Goss, to talk ectoplasm.

One of our development pillars is to ensure that every experience is Fun, Funny, or Scary. This drove design and we put significant effort into making sure that we could build and sustain tension and then pay it off with some pretty effective scares.

Mind you, Ghostbusters is a pretty friendly Teen-rated game in terms of content, so we go more for the shock moments and situations than any gore. At times it’s been a challenge to talk some of our team down from the splatter ledge!

Four pages of interview! Check it out.

Greetings MeFi!

Please be gentle – we barely survived the Great Ron Jeremy Digg of 2005.

Please have a look around – there’s lots of good stuff in the archives, but if I had to pick the key pieces of Ghostbusters information right now, they would be the following;

1 – Ghostbusters: The Video Game is set to be released by Atari on June 16th in North America (possibly a couple of days later in Europe) on every system but the PSP… and they’ve never ruled it out entirely. Which is great news all round, as it’s been a long time coming. Watch the trailer.

2 – At the exact same time, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 will be released on Blu-Ray. No question, this will be the highest level of detail for the film, short of watching it in a theater. There will be a kick-ass collector’s set.

3 – Time-Life put every episode of The Real Ghostbusters out on DVD. All of them. And extras. And it’s inexpensive, all things considered.

4 – They’re not, currently, making Ghostbusters 3 (though two of Harold “Egon” Ramis’ favorite scriptwriters are apparently working on a script – no word if it retains anything of Ramis and Dan Aykroyd’s original GB3 script.) Nobody gets excited about a third movie until someone yells, “roll film!” It protects us from broken hearts.

[update] Oh, and if you dig Saturday morning cartoons, you should check out Cereal Geek. Their RGB love aside, it’s a great magazine. Oh, and props to Geek Monthly for recognizing me as one of them. Now, if I can only get them to make me their god.