“Dropping off or picking up?”

Meet Joe Schmieg.

Theresa sent in this link to the Star-Gazette, based in Elmira, NY, which features Mr. Schmieg, whom you’ve seen before. Joe is the cop that hands off Louis to Egon and Janine at the Firehall. How awesome is that!

Originally auditioning for the part of a bum (which later went to Bill Murray, and then, later, was wisely dropped all together), Joe was brought in to play a cop. His part, with a nice amount of lines, only took a few takes, but gave Rick Moranis a bump, after Schmieg and another actor accidentally dropped Moranis lifting him out of a paddy wagon. Moranis, as Joe revealed, wasn’t hurt or even mad.

Hats off to Joe Schmieg, one of the best parts of the movie. Read the whole article here.


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