Minimates v. Kubricks?

Looks like it. Art Asylum, makers of Minimates (you’ve probably seen them at the local comic shop – think Kubricks, but with articulated elbows and knees), posted this in their official blog today;

Can you believe it? It has been 25 years since the release of the original Ghostbusters. Just like everything else that people who grew up in the 80s have fond memories of there are talks of a remake. I personally think they should just leave well enough alone. The original was awesome (the less said about part 2 the better)! Sure, the effects look a bit dated and it is obvious they are using miniatures in parts, but that is part of the charm. The point of all this is: What better time for us to come out with the Ghostbusters in Minimates form? Be prepared for us to hit you up with Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Louis Tully as Gozer’s dog and the possessed Dana Barrett. If you suddenly find your Minimate collection invaded by those spooky ghosts, who ya gonna call?

One wonders then if we’ll ever see the Kubrick Ghostbusters, or if that will be a Japan only phenomenon (ebay, here I come.) Thanks to Juan for the heads up!

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