Minimates pics and Stay-Puft piggy bank?

Big thanks to Timo for sending in these galleries of photos of the two Minimates sets – one apparently made up of possessed Louis, possessed Dana, Venkman, Egon, and a terror dog, and the other made up of Winston, Ray, Gozer, an amazing looking Slimer and Stay-Puft.

Also, the gallery of photos contains shots of a Diamond Select Stay-Puft coin bank! Coooool. The figures aren’t until the Fall, but the bank is out in July. Both the bank and the figure sets retails for $19.99.

[UPDATE] The display card in the middle of the Minimates sets reads $15.99, not $19.99. Plus, there is only a sign for “series 2” in the Fall of 2009, which means there’s a likely possibility Series 1 will be out in the Summer (though I haven’t confirmed this yet – would have been nice if someone had taken a picture of the Series 1 display card!)

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