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Chogrin sent in some links – the first are to some Mad Engine tees and hoodies, some with nice Ghostbuster designs (finally, a zip up hoodie with the logo!)

- Black Zip Hoodie
- Ghostbusters Sporty Tee
- Ghostbusters Black Trap Tee
- Ghostbusters Black Retro Tee
- Ghostbusters Collage Tee
- Ghostbusters Icky Sticky Tee

All fine clothes – but apparently the top shelf Ghosthead this year will be shelling out (get ready – you might want to sit) $170 for this hoodie by Secret Base. I’m… I’m still trying to decide what I make if this thing. The Slimer lining and red zip and string is possibly the coolest thing ever. The Secret Base name tag and Ghostbusters booty-stamp, not so much.


  1. they need to start makin fat guy sizes for some of this stuff.

  2. Don’t like the Secret Base hood – is it reversible? That would be pretty cool I guess. I think I prefer the $50 zipup – although I wish that was a pull-over hoodie instead…

  3. $170 for a zipper hoody. Unbelievable. They should pay people for advertising space considering they put that tacky Secret Base logo on there.

  4. God, why did they ruin it with that ugly name patch?! Not cool!
    And amen to the fat bastard sizes. They never think of us! …discrimination! I though “change was gonna happen”? ;)

  5. I like the no-ghost logo, but I definitely dislike the Secret Base name patch thing. I could leave or take the Slimer on the inside. More like leave Slimer, but that’s just me. Unless it’s reversible… yeah… Does it come in khaki?

  6. GBFans has been selling those MadEngine shirts for months and months.

  7. I think it’s kinda fugly.

  8. The Ghostbusters logo is classic. Why do people feel compelled to screw with it? Why can’t they make a nice, clean, regular logo T-shirt on a black or white T-shirt. Why the distressing? Why the offset printing? Just because it’s a property from the 80s doesn’t mean it needs to look like you went street luging in it. Lame! I bet a plain logo shirt would sell five times as many as any of these renditions.

  9. Cool desin but you need a way to personals it embroder name and make the inner lining slimer green or slim purple pink


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