The Most Expensive Hoodie Ever!

Chogrin sent in some links – the first are to some Mad Engine tees and hoodies, some with nice Ghostbuster designs (finally, a zip up hoodie with the logo!)

Black Zip Hoodie
Ghostbusters Sporty Tee
Ghostbusters Black Trap Tee
Ghostbusters Black Retro Tee
Ghostbusters Collage Tee
Ghostbusters Icky Sticky Tee

All fine clothes – but apparently the top shelf Ghosthead this year will be shelling out (get ready – you might want to sit) $170 for this hoodie by Secret Base. I’m… I’m still trying to decide what I make if this thing. The Slimer lining and red zip and string is possibly the coolest thing ever. The Secret Base name tag and Ghostbusters booty-stamp, not so much.

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