Master Replica drops Ghostbuster prop license

Master Replica, which pulled down all materials related to their announced line of Ghostbuster props, is now dropping the line all together.

As a fan, I wish I could reassure everyone that GB is still on for MR. Unfortunately, it is with deep regret that MR has decided to cancel the plans we had with Sony for Ghostbusters. While I cannot get into specifics, I can tell you on a personal level that we cannot afford to give Ghostbusters prop replicas the justice and treatment they deserve and I apologize for any frustration or disappointment this will cause any fans. Rather than hold on to the license and wait for what seemed inevitable, we’ve decided to make the announcement today. Thank you for your understanding.

If you were one of many people who asked, “just how much would a replica proton pack cost?”, you might have your answer.

This is a shame, but companies need to make money, and there’s no doubt about it, making replica props that would measure up to all the incredible fan replicas out there, and generate the required profit, was always a long shot, if not impossible. It was nice to dream the impossible dream, at least for awhile. Thanks to Shades for the heads up.

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