New Atari dev blog and Germany peeps next-gen Janine!

First up, there’s a new dev blog post at Atari’s IGN Ghostbusters blog – entitled Proving It, the post covers the period just after Terminal Reality was offered the Ghostbusters license, which meant making a proof-of-concept. The post also contains my fav, the Ecto-H20, and a picture of test uniforms.

The result was a playable proof-of-concept that felt, almost eerily, just like a pivotal scene in the movie: a Ghostbuster fought and captured Slimer while brutalizing a ballroom in the Hotel Sedgewick. Everything in the room, from the three-tiered cake on the buffet table to the nondescript bottles behind the bar (they’re labeled ‘Bottle’) to the heavy crystal chandelier on the ceiling could be broken, shattered, or incinerated in blazing flames.

Meanwhile, over in Germany, gaming magazine Games Aktuell had a piece on the game, which included our first-look at Janine on the next-gen systems (tiny image below – click here for full sized scan) and a kick-ass poster! Thanks to René and Timo for the tag-team emails (also, take a moment to peep René’s GB art. Niiice.)

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