Ghostbusters 3 production chances increase?

Mr. Hough has sent in an article from Cinema Blend that claims Production Weekly, a film trade magazine, available only through expensive subscription, has listed Ghostbusters 3 in the latest issue (#650, March 5th). More interesting is that while no surprise actors are listed as attached, the listing does say Apatow Productions is attached. I’m not willing to shell out $60 to confirm, but the Production Weekly website does list that this issue does include Ghostbusters 3 as a listing. This is not the same as an official announcement from Sony/Columbia that production is greenlit – it’s possible that this listing is only included because Aykroyd, Ramis and Columbia have all confirmed that a script has been commissioned, and the Apatow connection has long been a rumour. Production Weekly may have some insight into that, but none that Cinema Blend (who presumably saw the issue) read, so for the time being this is encouraging, but still not final confirmation.

If anybody is going to pass this along to AICN or similar, please make a point of including a link to Proton Charging this time. Thanks.

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