Ray Parker Jr. talks Ghostbusters and future with UK TV

Ray Parker Jr. is currently in the UK, as part of his promotional work for the 118 118 information directory service, as well as to put in an appearance at the MCV awards later in the week apparently. Parker took a moment to talk about Ghostbusters with ITN. Mostly he jokes about getting a part in the third movie and confirming that he has not been contacted about providing any music.
Confusingly, Yahoo UK has more of ITN’s footage than ITN does on their site, featuring Parker performing Ghostbusters along with some amazing beatboxers (best cover I’ve heard in awhile.) Also, it appears one of the UK based Ghostheads was on hand. Speak up! Who are you?
Thanks to Mark of the UK Ghostbusters for the heads up (whom I’m assuming isn’t the gentleman in the video – or at least if he is, he didn’t cop to it.)

[UPDATE] Thanks Carl! Nice work!


yes im the guy in the vid.
Ray Parker jr, was awesome to meet, a really friendly guy aswell.

the beatbox version, is addictive, the more i hear it, the more i like it.

obvisously, you would call 118 118, and ask for the ghostbusters phone number 🙂

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