iGizmo devotes issue to Ghostbusters – exclusive concept art!

A small sample - check the mag for the full glory
A small sample - check the mag for the full glory

iGizmo’s 26th issue of their digital magazine is online now, and starting with the cover and moving inwards, it’s all about the love for the Ghostbusters videogame for this gadget zine – being a digital mag, they’ve got an excellent, interactive format that includes factoids, video clips, and some really, really sweet concept art. You have to see this! (Don’t be too hard on them for calling this the 20th anniversary)

Also, iGizmo sat down with Ray Parker Jr. on his UK tour, so check that out as well.

[UPDATE] The magazine has a nice Did You Know sub-feature. Did you know Ron Jeremy was in Ghostbusters? I wonder where they found that out?

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