Ghostbusters documentary in the works!

Every wondered why no one has ever made a major documentary about Ghostbusters? I have, mostly because I’ve often thought, “Hey, I should make a documentary”, then I realize my life is stupid busy. And I don’t own a camera. Or have any spare budget. At which point I go, “Hey, why has no one ever made a major documentary about Ghostbusters?”

Well, wonder no more. Someone is! And they’re taking it very, very seriously.

It’s still mid-production (and may not be completed before the 25th anniversary year is over), but already they’ve spoken to a lot of the people involved in the production of both films, including Ernie Hudson and large chunks of the effects team. And they will be interviewing Dan Aykroyd himself soon. So, yeah. How serious is that?

Titled Cleaning Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters, the film has just started gearing up their promotions (the team has, until recently, been focused on their first documentary, Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf In London, due out on DVD this Summer), but you can hop aboard early by joining their Facebook group!

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