Yowza! Amazon makes RGB DVD deal even sweeter!

Originally reported as dropping the suggested retail price of the first volume of the Real Ghostbusters DVD set, from $39.98USD to $27.99USD, Amazon has dropped it even more, with three weeks to go until release – you ready? $21.99USD! That’s nearly half off! And assuming they maintain that awesome savings across the other four volumes to come this year, that puts the whole series at a mere $109.95USD! (plus shipping) That’s assuming that price holds though – this might be an offer to draw people into buying the first, looking to convince them to pick up the others at a higher, though still reasonable price. And it has to be pointed out again and again, you can’t get the extra materials (bonus DVD, booklet with episode guide and trivia, fancy box) unless you buy the full set direct from Time Life (link for Canadian buyers).

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