Ghostbusters TVG interview with Strategy Informer

The string of European press Atari did for the Ghostbusters video game last week, which started generating returns earlier this week, has resulted in more pre-weekend info, starting with Strategy Informer. In this case, there was a lot of talk about the origins of the game, similar to stuff we’ve heard before. But there is one big revelation.

Brendan Goss:We had phenomenal technology for a complete voice recognition squad command where you could tell Ray to go open a door and he’d do as he was told but that just wasn’t right. As a player, if you tell Peter Venkman to go open a door he’s going to hit you with something, he’s not just going to go over and open the door, so that was something that we had a look at and thought, well this is great, but it’s not a good fit for what we’re trying to do, so we cut it.

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