Twitter makes me feel good!

Just a quick admin note – information is coming fast and furious lately, and it’s mostly video game news! The big news roll for all the other Ghostbusters products coming down the pipe haven’t even started yet! So, I wanted to take this time to remind everyone that PC is on Twitter, and I’m beginning to suspect that a lot of incidental information and links (like all the hundreds of video game previews that are coming out) are going to be Twitter only, unless something in them is unique or new. Or they might be on Twitter first and appear on PC later, once I’ve had time to do a proper post.

So! If you want all the big Ghostbusters news, make sure to bookmark Proton Charging – If you want all the Ghostbusters new, every scrap, pumped directly into your brain, unfiltered, you might want to consider following Proton Charging on Twitter, if you’re not already. And be sure to pass it along to all your Twitter-savvy Ghostbuster friends – it’s going to be a wild and wooly Summer!

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