Wherein the first party feels, but is not limited to feeling, good about busting, forthwith.

Not only is Ghostbusters a pop phenomenon, it has weedled its way into legal history as well (and not just in Parker v. Lewis)

Stambovsky v. Ackley, 169 A.D.2d 254 (NY App. Div. 1991), is a notable New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division case that held that a house, which the owner had previously advertised to the public as haunted by ghosts, was legally haunted for the purpose of an action for rescission brought by a subsequent purchaser of the house. It is sometimes called the “Ghostbusters case”, a reference to the author rhetorically asking “who you gonna call” to resolve a haunting. Because of the case’s unique holding, it has been regularly printed in textbooks on the subjects of contracts and property law and widely taught in U.S. law school classes, if not often cited or followed by other courts.

Thanks to Mr. Leto for the heads up and we’re rooting for you, whenever it is you actually take the bar.

This contract is binding and time is of the essence.

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