New gameplay trailer and training level video! With Venkman!

Game Cinema has put up two new videos, one is a gameplay trailer with lots of footage of the game in action and the other is a video showing everything from the start up of the game all the way through your first training bust… with the help of Dr. Peter Venkman. This game is going to be awesome!

The gameplay trailer has some amazing sights, particularly the various weapon types (BOSON DART!), but the trainer level has everything you want – Bill Murray dialog, the destructible environment, using the throwers to wear a ghost down, slamming them to get them into the trap, overheating packs, dodging ghost attacks, the ecto-goggle/PKE combo, and even the suggestion that – as you’d expect – walking into someone else’s stream isn’t a good idea. As well, we get a taste of how the movie soundtrack will be used in the game – it works really well!

Be sure to go to Game Cinema (links above) for the HD version of the clips! Thanks to Timo, Hunter, and Kevin for the heads up!

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