Twitter contest? Yeah! Let’s!

Stop that!
Stop that!
OK, so, here’s a sad fact – you’ll all have to come to grips with it one day. I’m gettin’ old. Not, like, dottery old, but like, y’know… responsible n’shit. While I was more than happy to have 10 copies of the Ghostbusters 2 CD when I was 26, it’s not making a lot of sense now – particularly since they invented MP3 in the meantime. And that’s not all – I’ve got lots of odds, ends, duplicates, stickers and buttons. I’ve got got a complete set of the Ecto-glow figures (but I’m not giving that away – I just thought I’d, y’know, brag.)

So, here’s my thinking;

– Follow me at @protoncharging, on Twitter (pre-exist followers count, you’re just more awesome because you came to the party early)
– If following me was recommended to you by another follower, tell me who that is, they get an extra chance. (so, more recommendations means more chances)
– The 300th and 400th followers (I doubt 400, but you know, just in case), they automatically win something cool. And if they tell me who recommended it to them, that person automatically wins something too.

That’s it.

Will this result in some fast follower deflation, post contest? Yes. But a) I’m hoping I’m vaguely interesting enough to continue following and b) who says this will be the only Twitter contest I have? Sticking around could pay off.

Will I get rid of a bunch of stuff? YES! And really, that’s what this is all about – me selfishly unloading cool Ghostbusters stuff, randomly, on strangers. On the plus side, this is going to be an insane year for Ghostbusters news, and from what I can see, there are a lot of lost, ill informed souls out there. PC is here to help – and if it wins you and them some stuff, even better.

So, this Sunday, 6PM PST – ready, set, go!

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