You know what you need? Phone wallpaper!

Last Summer, the Doodle Vandal created a fantastic set of wallpaper images for everyone, which I quickly adapted for my own, iPhoney use. At the time, iPhones were popular and on the rise, but not exactly common. Now it seems like they’re everywhere – which means Vandal’s set needs to be updated!

So, for all you iPhone owner, I’m posting for your downloading my iPhone format wallpaper from Chris’s art, as well as a second using the videogame’s logo – either way, the world will know who ya gonna call…

…on your iPhone

(comedy gold, right there. I deserve a cookie.)

Click the images to see the full sized file for download.

Doodle Vandal's iPhone wallpaper
Doodle Vandal's iPhone wallpaper
The Video Game logo
The Video Game logo

[UPDATE] It’s been confirmed that these image files can be used as wallpaper on most cell phones, not just iPhones – they are specifically formatted for the iPhone screensize, but you can use it on whatever your phone might be, most likely.

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