Bio World Merch producing GB goodies

A quick look at the Gamestop online store listings has some new additions besides the various versions of the game – they’re listing some Ghostbusters clothing, presumably to attract point of purchase buys from people coming in to pick up the Ghostbusters game. The items are being produced by Bio World Merchandising, which has a solid line of clothing featuring brands.

There are three items listed;

Glow-in-the-dark Belt ($14.99)
Wallet ($14.99)
Wristband ($4.99)

These are, presumably, separate from the bonus item that comes with pre-orders. Still no word on the strategy guide that was originally slated for release along with the Activision publication, last year. Hopefully Prima didn’t find themselves stuck with 10,000 copies of a guide that had the wrong publisher stamped on it.

Thanks to Tim for the tip.

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