Wait… wha… so, Moranis is IN now?

The Escapist made a post on all the new happenings with the Ghostbusters video game today, including the following paragraph;

In addition to the original four (Venkman, Egon, Stanz and Zeddmore), Rick Moranis will be reprising Louis Tully. Unfortunately, Sigourney Weaver (Dana) won’t be coming back. Instead you’ll just have to deal with Alyssa Milano as the love interest.

The emphasis is not mine, it’s theirs – they made a specific point of saying Moranis will be in the video game. I’m looking for additional confirmation now.

Of additional interest is the fact that over 70 people are testing the game (that’s, like… a lot of testers, though spread out over so many different systems, and effectively three different games, it’s not outright crazy), that wrangling ghosts is no longer annoying button mashing, but simply automatic after wearing the ghosts down (reminds me of taking out ghosts in the role-playing game a bit), and players have infinite traps, because the logistics of having only three traps is no fun!

[UPDATE] Atari has stated on the record that Rick Moranis is NOT in the game, as was originally understood and reported here at PC.

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