Twitter Winners!

Slightly delayed, due to my trip to San Francisco, but here are the winners of the very first Proton Charging Twitter contest;

@bmr8503 – The first, official follower to reach 300, wins a Venkman cover sketch by Dan Brereton and a copy of the issue featuring the final cover art.

@bryan_zillig and @nothingtofear
Won themselves each a previously enjoyed copy of the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack on CD.

@blade84 Won a copy of the Ghostbusters cover story issue of American Cinematographer.

And finally;

Each win themselves some stickers and buttons!

For those that didn’t get anything, or anybody that started following PC just recently, no sweat. There will be more Twitter draws.

For everyone above that won, email me a mailing address where I can send you your swag! castewar [at] gmail [dot] com. Please contact me by April 15th, so I can get these out.

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