I know what the article says…

…but I will believe Rick Moranis is involved in the third movie when Rick actually says he’s involved. He’s been fairly plain in his stance that he’s done with Louis, and this hasn’t been the first time someone has written an article that assumes “everyone is involved” includes Moranis, and not just the principle four characters.

Given that Harold Ramis has said that everyone is interested, while at the same time qualifying that everyone will have to like the script before it goes into production a year from now, it’s not much of a stretch that Ramis’ comments are more optimistic than locked-in facts. Which means the only real meat to this piece out of Ramis’ plugging of his new movie, Year One, is that the new script is entirely different than Aykroyd’s original Hellbent script and is more of a “personal” story. Which I’m assuming means, “gives Peter Venkman a big juicy part.”

Thanks to everyone that send in the links on Harold’s interview statements at ShoWest. Until someone says the script is finished, there isn’t a lot more news on Ghostbusters 3, just echos.

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