Giant Bomb Ghostbusters game interview

More from the New York press junket – This time Giant Bomb got to talk to the developers a lot, as well as show off some amazing footage. The few things that I noticed the most where;

– Slime tethers = awesome ghost-to-trap tool.
– Games, particularly the PS3 was mentioned, will have lots of cool extras (ie unlockable art, making-of videos.)
– Suggestion that the Gamestop GB2 uniform won’t be the only multiplayer exclusive out there.

And best of all, The Answer – what happens if you cross the streams?

Cross two or three, get a warning. Cross four or cross two or three for too long…

…total protonic reversal. Which is to say, game over, screen goes white.

Alright, important safety tip. Thanks Product Marketing Specialist Eric Monacelli.

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