taking pre-orders on Extreme Ghostbusters DVD plus box art!

egbdvdMaaaaan. I mean, hommmmmmmmme.

It’s been known for awhile that the EU, or at least France, was going to get their own editions of The Real Ghostbusters DVDs and more importantly, their own DVDs of The Extreme Ghostbusters. Now we have a release date and box art. June 24th, a week after the release of the movie Blu-ray discs and video games, French S.O.S. Phantomes fans can buy the first set of DVDs. The DVD is listed as “season 1, volume 1”, though the box says “the spook-tacular first season.” So, it’s not clear if this is only part of the series, but it is likely. At four dozen episodes, Extreme Ghostbusters is a lot to put into a single, simple set as shown on the website. The Real Ghostbusters DVD set is definitely just the first chunk.

Now, here’s the question. Why are the boxes in English? UK sets coming? North American sets coming? Let’s hope so. Stay tuned. Thanks to Biodome for the heads up.

[UPDATE] The DVD is also slated for release in Australia as well as France (as seen on GBFans forums) – the set is 13 episodes on two discs, so expect two or three more to come.

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