Ghostbusters video game Slimer Edition – more details

Amazon has updated their listings on what comes in their Exclusive Slimer Edition. It’s unclear if the Minimates are meant to be generic ghosts or ghosts from the video game (though one would hope they’re from the game.) Thanks to Jordin and the comments peanut gallery for the spot.

Included in the Slimer Edition:

* An exclusive Slimer bust designed and created by the original movie sculptor, Steve Johnson. Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by the sculptor himself.
* Exclusive Ghostbusters Minimates. Only be available with the Slimer Edition.
* Exclusive Ghostbusters Gamer Graffix Console Skins.
* Exclusive Ecto 1 Key Chain with lights and sound.

2009 is the 25th Anniversary of Ghostbusters the motion picture. To keep up to date on everything that’s happening, follow Proton Charging on Twitter!

Exclusive Minimate ghosts
Exclusive Minimate ghosts


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