Profiles in History – Forrest J Ackerman estate sold, amazing pics.

Vigo Possessed Ray test sculpt
Vigo Possessed Ray test sculpt

[UPDATE] The auctions, minus #414, have been removed. We’ll have to see if they come back. It could be a temporary database thing on their end.

The day Forrest J Ackerman died was a sad day for fans of pop sci-fi and horror. Forrey had accumulated a staggering amount of movie collectibles going back to the 50s. In his final years friends had helped him unload some of the collection, allowing him a comfortable retirement, which he filled by giving tours of his house, which for all intents and purposes was one giant museum.

Forrey passed away last December at age 92, leaving many to wonder what would happen to his amazing collection – as it happens, a lot of it is being offered through an upcoming Profiles in History auction. And even more amazing are the Ghostbuster items he amassed, including test sculpts, maquettes, concept sketchs, and more. And then just because, PiH has tossed in Harold Ramis’ GB2 jumpsuit that they acquired from Ghostbusters producer Michael C Gross. Click the lots to see the amazing pictures! Thanks to David at the New Jersey GBs for the tip.

LOT #950
Group of concept production pieces from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II
Lot of five concept production pieces and artwork from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II including: a Romex clay maquette of the “Terror Dog” measuring 15 in. long and 7 in. tall and mounted on board, a plaster test sculpture of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man head measuring 5 x 7 x 4 in., original concept artwork of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man by Enriquez accomplished in pencil, ink and wash on a leaf of artist’s illustration paper measuring 10 x 12 in., concept artwork featuring the sequence where the baby totters out on the building ledge and is taken by the “Ghost Mother”, measuring 9 x 18 ½ in. accomplished in airbrush and acrylic on a leaf of heavy artist’s illustration board measuring 15 x 20 in., signed and dated by the artist K. Swain, and a Dan Aykroyd “Demon Head” maquette, on board, measuring 8 ½ x 9 ½ in.
$1500 – $2000

LOT #951
Harold Ramis “Spengler” jumpsuit from Ghostbuster II
(Columbia, 1989) Complete coverall jumpsuit worn by Harold Ramis as “Dr. Egon Spengler”, opposite Bill Murrary and Dan Akroyd. It has a “Spengler” embroidered cloth patch on the chest and GBII logo patch on the right shoulder. Originally acquired from producer Michael C. Gross.
$4000 – $6000

LOT #596
Archive of original concept art for Ghostbusters
(Columbia, 1984) Archive of twelve concept illustrations by Ron Croci, eleven accomplished in vivid watercolor and ink on 17 x 11 in. leaves or artist’s illustration paper, and one in pencil. Each is captioned and signed by the artist. Included concepts are the altar, the “bloom of light”, the exploding building with Central Park in the foreground, the face of the main apparition, the Stay Puft giant, a matte composite study, and many other cityscapes and monsters from the film. Each suitable for framing and individual display.
$1000 – $1500

Terror Dog test maquette - fans will recognize him from concept sketchs in Making Ghostbusters
Terror Dog test maquette - fans will recognize him from concept sketchs in Making Ghostbusters

[UPDATE] Thanks, Will!

LOT #414
Original khaki “Ghostbuster” jumpsuit from Ghostbusters
(Columbia, 1984) Original khaki ripstop fabric jumpsuit with zippered pockets and “Ghostbuster” logo patch on right shoulder. Marked “TBS” on the inside with “Warner Bros.” barcode label below. This jumpsuit was discovered at Warner Bros. with the included “VENKMAN” (played by Bill Murray) name patch detached and in one of the pockets. Comes with Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity.
$5000 – $7000

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