GBFans has exclusive look at Slimer Edition statue

Many have commented they can’t see the value of Amazon’s exclusive Slimer Edition of the game, mostly because they were overlooking the statue. Presented on the Amazon site without scale or context, few realized just how big, how solid, and how unique the statue is. Standing 10.5 inches tall, the statues are limited to 6500 pieces, the are ONLY available through Amazon’s Slimer Edition, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity from the sculptor… the original Slimer sculptor for the film, Steve Johnson.

Suddenly that $130 seems way more impressive, when compared to similarly sized and limited statues you might find at your local comic shop.

Check out’s entire feature and it’s photos of the statue here.

[UPDATE] AJ has also posted pics of the Slimer Edition boxes – they’re not a lot different from the main boxes, but still… coooooool. Follow link above to and scroll down a little.

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