Target offers gift card incentives on pre-orders of Ghostbusters game.

target_cardThis is a little odd, but it could work.

Instead of just taking your pre-order money, Target is offering collectible pre-order cards. The cards feature the game you’ve pre-ordered, look rather spiff, and cost you $1. So, you basically pre-order for a mere buck.

Then you pick up your pre-order within 7 days of release at full price – the $1 from the card doesn’t count towards the game – and you get a $5 gift certificate for more games. So, everybody getting this so far?

Pre-order for a buck, get a spiffy card. Pay full price within time limit, get gift certificate. All told, you basically earn $4 for buying a game. If you’re into cards, and you have something else you want to buy, it’s a slight win. AND the gift certificates are cummulative, meaning if you pre-order a number of games, you can put all your gift certificates towards another purchase. Like, say, a copy of Ghostbusters for the DS.

No confirmation if there are cards for all the formats, though it sounds like Target is offering cards for everything they sell.

[via Kotaku]

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