Playstation Home to offer Ghostbusters content?

If these vague, but telling Tweets from LootGear are to be believed, they are a third party putting the finishing touches on a host of Ghostbusters content for Sony’s Playstation Home – please bear in mind this is entirely unconfirmed, but NOT unlikely, given that Sony owns Ghostbusters and the developer speak is very authentic. The tweets and their interpretation after the jump;

The tweets suggest that customers will get a chance to own Ghostbuster jumpsuits for their avatars, there will be a firehall space, a drivable Ecto-1, some sort of flying Slimer gizmo, movies (the actual movie or just short clips, like game and Blu-ray trailers?), and collectible virtual memorabilia. The movie and the game aren’t quite enough to make me want to buy a PS3, but this might push it over the edge – provided it’s true!

# Rich: I am totally blown away by Remi’s Female GB Avatar costume and Christian’s new GB event space.

# Rich: Making Slimer talk… after a fashion 😀

# Rich: Tuning up Ecto-1’s engine…

# Rich: Going to make sure that the memorabilia pedestal menus are set to the proper items.

# Rich: Just finished implementing instructions for the Ecto-1 seats. Now I’m making sure the movies are playing correctly.

# Rich: Copying and pasting my way to glory.

# Remi: Going to put together some screenshots of GB avatar costumes for approval.

# Danilo: Creating the instructions display for the flying Slimer.

# Rich: Setting up Flying Slimer Spawn Point.

# Rich: Placing the final objects into the GB Event Space memorabilia pedestals.

# Danilo: Changing the history of PlayStation Home. Also, finishing up the 3d Concept of virtual item commerce points for the GB Event Space.

# Remi: Creasing folds in the Female Ghostbusters Avatar Costume.

# Christian: Choosing great screenshots of Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the GB Event Space.

# Rich: Adjusting GB Event Space memorabilia stations to a simpler format.

# Rich: Taking a break to check out our promo trailers for the Loot Stage Set: Apartment. These things are awesome!

# Rich: The GB Firehouse Apt looks AWESOME. Going to set up the flying Slimer spawn point in the GB Event Space.

# Rich: Loading up the new Ghostbusters Firehouse Apartment for a look-see.

# Rich: Ecto-1 is completely set up and functional.

# Rich: Setting up the Ecto-1 passenger-side door.

# Rich: Just got done presenting Stageset and Ghostbusters Event Space to SPHE.

# Rich: Updated account with our sweet logo while waiting for our presentation to begin.

# Rich: Setting up for a presentation to SCEA.

# Rich: Reinstalling Stageset objects in preparation for a visit from our legal folks!

# Rich: Downsampling Ecto-1 sounds to bring down the main memory budget.

# Rich: Going to implement and adjust opening and closing sounds for Ecto-1 back door. Mmm Nestle Frozen Lemonade Cups are DELICIOUS.

# Rich: Backing up old objects in preparation for localization xml export.

# Rich: Just completed adjusting opening and closing sounds for Ecto-1 hood.

# Rich: About to port the Ecto-1 driver-side door code over to the passenger door.

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