Going to DragonCon? Want a good reason?


The spirits are right this year with the up coming Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Mattel Toys, Minimates and more being released for the 25th Anniversary of the movie that started it all. To celebrate this birthmark of the franchise we are proud to present PKE Surge 2009 hosted at Dragon Con this September in Atlanta, Georgia! Proudly sponsored by your friends at Ghostbusters Fans, PKE Surge promises to be the most exciting real life Ghostbusters event to date; with awards, giveaways, and tons of ectoplasmic fun!

As we speak Ghostheads from across the country are putting their names down to participate in the event. Some of the fun activities we have in store for the first annual PKE Surge meet in Dragon Con include: Parade, Community Dinner, Crunch Awards, GBFans Table, Live Ghostheads Podcast Recording, GBTV, PKE Surge Merchandise, Free Giveaways and more!

So what better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your favorite film than by meeting up with fellow Ghostheads? Don’t wait another minute, pick up the phone and book your hotel today, space is limited!
Attendance List
Hotel List
DragonCon Website

It’s unlikely Proton Charging will be able to attend, but we’re going to try and send swag down for attendees. And you have got to see the Crunch Awards – those things are amazing!

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