OXM gets hands-on with Ghostbusters game, talks with Ramis

The new issue of OXM, which will be hitting subscriber mailboxes this week, and retail shelves by next week, features a four-page feature on the Ghostbusters game. And if you think it’s just the same old stuff recycled, think again. Their hands-on time includes;

– Playthrough of the first 1.5 to 2 hours of the game. Starting at the firehouse, through the Sedgewick, through the library, to patrolling the streets of NYC during Stay-Puft’s attack. It’s most of what they have teased up until now, but finally in linear orderm with full voice-overs.

– Played four-player multiplayer for the first time, in which co-op is similar to Gears of War 2’s Horde. That is to say, four of you working together against waves of ghosts.

– Exclusive interview with Harold Ramis, wherein he teases Egon’s fate in GB3 and says he regrets Egon “loosening up” in GB2

– And lots and lots of screens!

And as always, for those who don’t get the magazine, we’ll all point and laugh, and then after a few weeks, you’ll get to read it online at OXM’s website.

A gentle reminder – please do not send in scans of the article, or links to messageboard threads with scans of the articles. Sent links I’ll ignore, and posted links I’ll delete. OXM hustled hard to get this access – it’s only fair to pick up a copy if possible. Otherwise, wait for the online story.

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