Gametrailers to show opening Ghostbusters game cinematic Thursday

So, if you don’t want to see the opening cinematic, avoid Spike TV this Thursday night. My local listings say it’s on at 9:30PM Thursday night, on the West Coast. The website says 12:30AM. Which I’m assuming to mean Spike doesn’t time shift for the time zones, and they do in fact mean Friday morning 12:30AM if you’re on the East coast (but, for simplicities sake, it’s on Thursday when sun set in sky.) Or hey, check your local listings.

To make it official, I’m not interested in seeing the cinematic – there’s something sacred about watching the opening cinematic the first time you start up a game. So, I’m skipping it. And by extension, that means you won’t find it here when it goes up on the Gametrailers website. But for those of you that aren’t worried about such things, tune in on TV, or keep an eye on the website – you’ll get a peep.

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