TWiG – Exclusive look at the Ghostbusters Video Game! Behind the scenes and cinematic!

While Mike is down in Texas this week, he along with The Game Heroes crew got a chance to tour Terminal Reality’s studios in Dallas Texas to take a behind the scenes look at Ghostbusters: The Video Game! Including a look at gameplay footage, interviews, and an absolute first look at an exclusive in-game cinematic never before seen!!!

Check it out in the video below, and also check out,, and of course, here (or on Twitter!), as we head to the game’s release on June 16th!

– The pole still works.
– A chat with Glen Gamble, who’s concerned we’ll lynch him.
– The proton pack animation (sharp eyes will notice the other GB equipment as well.)
– The Texas fans game in with their gear to be recorded as foley!
– Hilarious cinematic at the Sedgewick.

NOTE: The guys at This Week in Geek worked hard to get us this story, including international travel and all-nighter editing. So, be sure to spread the word, either though your favorite social network (use the handy AddIt button below) or give it a Digg, eh?

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