Best Buy pre-order exclusive revealed.

The official Ghostbusters video game website has posted a pre-order page, which pretty much spells it out – there are four retailers with pre-order exclusives in North America;

Gamestop (t-shirt and GB2 Multiplayer skin)
Wal-mart / Sam’s Club (metallic pack) (Slimer Edition)
Exclusive Slimer Edition PS3
Exclusive Slimer Edition Xbox 360
Exclusive Slimer Edition Wii
Best Buy

Best Buy has not one, but two multiplayer skins, both in yellow jumpsuits (a la the Best Buy logo) – one is a jawless ghoul (dude needs a name) and Jock Mulligan (the mayor we’ve seen in the trailers, voiced by Brian Murray-Doyle.)

Thanks to Bannen and Umbrella Corp for the pics and links.

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