Mattel reveals SDCC exclusives

I hate all news that’s released on April 1st. Just… bleh. But regardless of my unease, this would be an expensive collection of sculpts just for a joke.

Matty Collector’s, the online only source for a number of specialty Mattel items, including the upcoming 12 inch and 6 inch Ghostbusters figures, has posted images of their 2009 SDCC exclusives – included is a 6 inch work-soiled Egon and Slimer on a stand.


[UPDATE] From Mattel’s own press release on the matter;

Yes, all of the action figure exclusives will be sold online after the show (ideally that Monday, but it is too far off right now to tell) on

Sony confirms Ghostbusters production intentions. Maybe.

[UPDATE] Sony has a Twitter feed, it seems, and they posted the ShoWest news.

Sony Pictures unveils summer line up at ShoWest and confirms the studio is developing Ghostbusters 3 and Men In Black 3.

So, I’m putting this at 99% sure. Still… April 1st. Can’t be too careful.

Sony exec Rory Breur spoke at the ShoWest tradeshow in Las Vegas and spoke to Sony’s upcoming production schedule, including mention of the script production being done on Ghostbusters, making this the first mention by a Sony official about the possible third installment.

Before we continue, a couple of things have to be kept in mind;

First, it’s April 1st, and believe me when I scoured news sites, looking for any whiff of April Fools. Breur was scheduled to speak, and while some websites were parroting others, most were independently reporting the news, suggesting strongly that it’s on the up and up. Plus, there’s no good April Fools hook to the story, unless it’s that they used the much talked about Ghostbusters 3 script as a blind for fake news about them planning a third Men In Black (which itself is not exactly an outrageous suggestion.)

The speech was vague about release targets, suggesting either 2010 or 2011.

I’m putting this one on Hairy Eyeball Alert until we get a second confirmation, beyond the ShoWest talk. Thanks to EDFX for the heads up – your skepticism is wise, but fingers crossed, eh?

I’m putting below the current crop of newsites reporting the talk – I’m grouping the ones that reference others.
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