Weekend super-nerdery

Growing up and attending university in Calgary, cars were critical, but in Vancouver, a pair of feet work just fine. Most everything I need to get to is within walking distance. But a bike gives you an extra area of operations, which is nice. So, having recently rescued an old Iverson in fantastic shape, I’m ready to join the cycle-set.


One problem. Bike helmets look ridiculous. And Vancouver has a helmet by-law, which is modestly enforced, but getting caught is a giant, inconvenient pain in the ass.

The only people that don’t look stupid wearing a bike helmet are either cyclists in a pro cycle race, or those that aren’t in a pro-cycle race, but look like they’re training for it. The rest of us look stupid.

So I figure, if you’re going to look stupid anyhow, it might as well be on your own terms. Hence, this weekends art project.


One white Predator helmet, masked with painting tape, fantastically awesome x-acto knife skills, and several layers of spray paint. I’ll be honest, I thought I was rolling the dice, and might likely ruin a $50 helmet, but I figured worse comes to worse, slap stickers all over it. Fortunately, the results are nice, clean lines. A couple touch ups and a couple coats of protective coat, and it’s ready to go.

Next up? I put a strip of red on the back, like the fins on the Ecto-1, so I’m tempted to put “We’re Ready To Believe You!” on the back as well. Or the phone-number. Haven’t decided.

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