Sony releasing Machinima tool with Ghostbusters Home content

IGN has posted a short blurb on a Machinima (movies created using video game environments and assets) creation tool, created by Loot Gear, which will be available as part of the Ghostbusters Home content pack – they even have a YouTube video from Loot Gear that says the creation tool is out in May 2009. So, by extention, I guess the Ghostbusters content is out this month as well. I guess we can expect a lot of Ghostbusters videos in the near future.

And just to make things interesting, Loot Gear has deleted all their Twitter posts, leaving just one;

Team: Soon..
about 24 hours ago from web

[UPDATE] Loot Gear’s Rich Bisso spoke a bit about the creation tool to Machinina For Dummies, which places the release of the tool at two weeks from now – assuming IGN is correct, PS3 owners should see the Ghostbusters Home content then as well.

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