Toy R Us to get exclusive Mini-mate sets. G-g-g-ghosts!

Diamond Select Toys, Art Asylum, and Toys R Us have announced the toy mega-chain will be offering a line of different 2-packs of exclusive Ghostbusters Mini-mates, due out this June;

– GB2 Winston with Terror Dog
– Egon and Library Ghost
– GB2 Venkman-in-court with Washinton Square Ghost
– Slimed Venkman with Slimer
– Mashmallow-covered Venkman Ray and red-hot Stay-Puft

That’s just wave one, suggestion additional waves later. And this is on top of the four packs previously announced for sale through specialty shops (check out Art Asylum’s figure gallery). For pictures of the humans and more info, head on over to GB Collector! While you’re there, check out their interview with DST Slimer piggy-bank sculptor, Rudy Garcia!

Click to read the interview with Rudy Garcia!
Click to read the interview with Rudy Garcia!


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