Autralian game release details

146622_dealChris (yes, there are many of us) at Blues Brothers Central sent in some pics and details from EB Games Australia, regarding the Ghostbusters video game. According to their website the PS3 and PS2 versions will be out June 25th, with the rest to follow November 2009 (which gives us the first hint at just how long Sony’s timed exclusive period is, as well as when we might expect the PSP version.)

Those pre-ordering through EB Games will get a Stay-Puft stress toy and a DVD copy of Ghostbusters (no mention of the GB2 jumpsuit offered by EB Games/Gamestop in the US.) Not a big deal for fans, but a smart way to get more people hooked on the film.

The best part is that EBGAU uses the doomed Zootfly promo art in their store signage! Thanks Chris!

[UPDATE] is reporting November 30th. We’ll use that as a tentative release date for the Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and PC versions of the game in PAL territories. Thanks John.

[UPDATE] Amazon in France is saying November 7th and in Germany, October (no specific date.)


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