Atari and Intel to release Ghostbusters:TVG web widget!

Atari and Intel have come together to produce a widget designed with a dozen functions to achieve one simple goal – tell the world about Ghostbusters the videogame. And trust me, I’ve been reading Twitter, there are still people not in the know. Or maybe you just want to show your friends that you’re no mere fan. You are a fanatic…
Well, get ready. Soon, perhaps next week (the widget is undergoing final testing), Atari will be releasing the widget, which will feature excellent game art, a photo gallery, trailers, links to places to buy the game, and a host of other little features, like how to post your GB love on any number of social networks and a countdown clock (WOOHOO!) Check out the full-size version of the image above and stay tuned for more information on where and when you can grab the widget.

Also, keep your ears on. Atari has something else in the works, besides this widget, but I can say no more.

* On Facebook, we are launching a Virtual Ghosthunt where users earn points for posting ghosts to their profile, finding ghosts on their friends’ profiles, and even sending ghosts to infect their friends’ profiles and walls. At the end of the competition, highest scorers will be awarded prizes like an ultimate gaming PC rig with a custom Ghostbusters paint job, Dell Laptops, Intel Processors and Free copies of the game.

After users enter the application, fans will earn points for selecting and posting a ghost in their profile, inviting friends to use the app and slime their friends, which posts a ghost in their profile… similar to a facebook poke type function. The highest scoring players will be awarded prizes like an Ultimate Gaming PC with a custom Ghostbusters paint job, Intel core i7 Processors and free copies of the Ghostbusters game!

* We are also launching an Ultimate Fan Widget that will allow Ghostbuster fanatics to show their support by posting to one of 60 different sites like their Facebook/MySpace pages or even to their iGoogle homepage to receive Ghostbuster updates as soon as they’re released.

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