Ghostheads podcast #8 is live! Bill Emkow!

The podcasts keep coming fast and furious as the guys at Ghostheads have just released episode 8!

* IDW Preview
* Ghostbusters in Atlanta Update
* Annie Potts Interview
* Ghostbusters The Video Game Multiplayer Trailer
* Sigourney GB3
* Toys-R-Us

And an interview with Bill Emkow, webmaster of The Ghostbusters Homepage – it’s well before the time of a lot of you younger ghostheads, having ran for three years and then stopping in 1999, but it remains a founding touchstone in online Ghostbusters fandom.

Ghostheads is hosted by Ronald Daniels, Jason Hughs, and Luke Crisalli. Episode Eight is a landmark episode, as a result of listener suggestions we have cut some segments down and added others. This show features the premiere of two segments; “Zap it! or Trap it!” and “Ask a Ghosthead.” As the name implies, “Ask a Ghosthead” features a fan member answering user submitted questions – this episode features Teliwhy!

Email your questions and suggestions to or just catch one of the hosts in the GBFans Chatroom!

(Proton Charging is a proud sponsor and file host for Ghostheads – Suck it, NPR!)

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