Playstation Home Ghostbusters fan kit out – more GB still to come

Sony released its Ghostbusters fan kit for Playstation Home today. For those who were grumbling about having to pay for any Ghostbusters content, the fan kit costs a whopping $1.99. See if you can take out a loan. The kit includes;

This fan kit includes:

For Avatar:
Stay Puft T-shirt
Slimer T-Shirt
Ecto-1 T-shirt

For personal space:
Ecto-1 Toy
Stay Puft Figure
Slimer Figure
PKE meter on display stand
Ghost trap prop

All of the personal space items are for display purposes only, and the PKE meter is the only object that has working lights. There are flashing lights on the screen and the lights on the wings flash as well.

The kit is currently only available to US Home accounts. No word on release date or price on the full Ghostbusters kit coming out with the movie maker, previously reported, which was originally assumed to be part of today’s release.

Thanks to Dave for the heads up and excellent report.

[UPDATE] I did some digging, and it sounds like The Living Room Stage Set, with all the interactive movie-making tools, is already out – it’s $4.99 and can be bought at the Estates store in PlayStation Home Mall. I can’t confirm this though, as I’m not a PS3 owner. If it is out, and then the bigger Ghostbusters assets kit isn’t included with it, then that’s the only piece that’s left to be released (or possibly released in a series of kits – so many things aren’t clear.) Stay Tuned.

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