Ecto-1 and Stay-Puft to appear at E3 [UPDATE]

Next week, from Tuesday the 2nd to Thursday the 4th, word has it that Sony’s refurbished and shiny Ecto-1, along with the giant inflatable Stay-Puft we’ve seen wandering the globe, will be hanging out at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Even if Atari has reduced its visibility inside, Ghostbusters the video game will have a sizable visual impact outside. No details on placement, though it would most likely have to be at one of the plazas outside the major entrances, like at W. Pico and S. Figueroa.

Anybody attending, please take pictures!

[UPDATE] The location of the car and confection golem has been confirmed; In front of the Concourse, at Gilbert Lindsay Drive (Close to the West Hall and Staples Center area)

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