Proton Charging exclusive: heavily overhauled. Heck. Yeah.

Continuing to demonstrate a strong investment in the past history, present anniversary, and future prospects of the Ghostbusters franchise, Sony has revealed a new, completely overhauled, and highly interactive new website to go with their domain.

A billboard site for the first release of Ghostbusters on DVD (for a decade!) and recently a billboard for the Ghostbusters mobile game and Blu-ray edition of the film, the new site promises things even the hardest core, longest term Ghostbusters fan has never seen. And as Sony explained to Proton Charging, they will continue to release materials every month for the foreseeable future.

And yes, it’s pretty much what you think – while there remains no firm plan for a third movie and details still to be worked out before it’s even possible, this site overhaul was conducted not only to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the first film, but with the intention that it help promote a third film, provided that pans out. Like us, Sony is looking upon 2009 as the closest we’ve seen to a franchise revival in years.

Why are you still here?

[UPDATE] The site contains, so far;

– A messageboard
– a video vault that currently shows videos for the video releases
– a products page that features all the current licensed products, and where to buy them
– signing up for updates
– a link to the video game website (I’m assuming I just haven’t found or they will soon add a link to
– a massive photos collection (as hinted at in the post)
– a lot of little in jokes and easter egg surprises, which will hopefully do something at some point.

PS Try clicking and holding a non-hot spot.

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