June is for Ghostbusters

The list of things happening in June are piling up – some I’ve already touched on, like Wednesday’s screening of the Blu-ray disc or the various events Proton Charging is hosting around Vancouver.

Others I haven’t posted yet, as I wanted the site overhaul in place, and June to be closer before posting them, so they wouldn’t get buried on the news list. And I’m comfortable that we’re at that point, finally, so I’m putting that list together now, with the post ready to go up later tomorrow, probably.

If there’s something going on in your neighbourhood (strange or otherwise), please let us know so we can help promote it. If you’ve emailed us before, feel free to do so again – better safe than sorry. And in the meantime, please enjoy this sneak peak (and NON-FINAL) look at the Vancouver events poster.


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